I really want to ask this girl out, but I have to ask my parents first?

I'm a 16 y/o guy. I work at an amusement park. I work with this BEAUTIFUL girl. She's from another country. She's working here for the summer. She flirts with me and I think she might like me. I've asked questions on here and most people say she might like me and I should ask her out. The problem is, I've never asked a girl out, and I would have to ask my parents if I could. They don't even know I look at girls like that. I've never told them about her. What should I do? How should I ask my parents, then her? If I ask her out it I would see if she wants to go to the amusement park we work at on an off day. I'm also scared to ask her out cause she's 18/19 and I'm 16. I don't think she knows I'm 16, even though I look like a 16 year old. Thanks

Also, should I ask her first or my parents? I wouldn't want to my parents to say yes then the girl say no...


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  • Just ask your parents casually if it's okay to have a date.
    If she's 18/19 then she might be expecting Sex and other stuff so I wouldn't suggest dating someone Who's an adult

    • she's expecting sex and that's a bad thing?

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    • first date? Jesus not shooting for the stars here I never mentioned that.

    • Op, then tell her your age and don't lie

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  • why would you have to ask your parents?

    • Cause I don't have my license so they would have to drop me off. Plus they would wonder were I'm going.

    • fair point but you don't need to ask them about asking her out, just say your going out with a girl when you ask them to drop you off that's what I say.

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  • Why do you need permission to date? If you think you're mature enough to have a relationship then ask her out. But you'll have to be prepared for either the inevitable break up or a long distance relationship when summer ends. Which if you just end things once summer ends then there's not much point in getting in a relationship with her to begin with.

    • Because I don't have a license so they would have to drop me off. Also, they would wonder where I'm going since I don't have any friends.

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