Overheard my boyfriend say he wants to sleep with another girl?

we were picking up our books and he went to get my books while i went to the bathroom. when i came back i saw him talking to his friend about another girl and said he bet she's a freak in bed and how he wants to give her orgasms and give her the best sex. he also said he's fantasized about doing her before and his friend was like then do her bro. he doesn't know i was there and heard him.

  • he has a crush on her
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  • he thinks she's hotter
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  • his friends think she's hot
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  • other
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  • his friends think she's hot


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  • I would say he thinks she's hot and he fantasizes about it, I mean to think it is whatever because I wouldn't know but he's even saying it, its just disrespectful.


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  • you should let him know that you've heard what he said tho

    • i wanted to know what other pelple thought first

  • He's probably showing off for his friend.