What am I doing wrong? All the guys I'm interested in are never interested in me?

i feel kinda cursed because for some reason I'm attracted to men who are a little off and reject normal societal standards, and they're typically from poorer backgrounds or have lived a little off the grid. I come from a more middle class family and I'm kinda spoiled. I dress more high end and am very high maintenance.. But I'm attracted to men that aren't (?) I don't know why, but I always spot the dirty, unclean cut men who, according to my uncle look like they still live with their mother at age 30. They don't, I don't know why he says that. ANYWAYS, I don't have any luck with them. At all. I can get any other type of guy; I have guys after me too and fro. I'm attractive, academically educated and life smart, artistic, and I'm into different things. Im not bragging; I'm just trying to paint a picture of myself for you. For the last few years, every so often a guy will catch my eye who is more socially reserved, outcast, whatever it may be, maybe does drugs, lives recklessly... And I'll catch their eye, but nothing more happens. My friend showed this guy a picture of me (i hadn't met him before) and he just looked at my one picture and said "she's too good for me" and left it at that and wouldn't go further. I don't understand. I don't understand my taste in men really, but I do know when I'm interested in a guy and who's my type, and I can't seem to land any one of them because I keep getting "she's too good for me" or one guy said I'd lose interest in a few weeks and he was just a current flame.

My question is, is it my approach? All I do is say hi and initiate and act interested and friendly, and they'll be into be visually, they'll say I'm gorgeous and have a cool personality and whatever but then they'll just back off.. And the harder I chase, the more they run. I'm not an overbearing person either. I'm shy myself. What am I doing wrong with the guys I'm interested in?


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  • You are just terribly unlucky.


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