Does anyone want to make fun of me?

Seriously, I trusted people again, opened myself up, and now I'm discovering that I really can't handle intense relationships.

For anyone interested and wondering, being in a relationship when broken does not fix you. At best it puts most of the pieces back together with scotch tape; at worst when you break you just break someone else along with you. On the flip side of that coin, "Take time to work on yourself and put the pieces back together" is just as much of a lie. Don't think of yourself as glass, you're not. You're a Faberge egg that once dropped and broken can never be returned to a valuable state.
Once broken, you're nothing more than something that was once great and you'll spend your entire life remembering the good days. Dreaming of them, yearning for them, chasing shadows to the past. You'll never catch them, and you know you never will, but you'll keep at it; running, and running, and running until your knees give out and you collapse. You'll spend the rest of your time crawling until your being wastes away. This is the futility of self betterment, this is the futility of repair.


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  • You should never be too trusting with anyone. Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute, if someone said you will survive we have a trampoline on the ground? You mistake and you learn from them. We need human connection and relationships. Take things one step at a time, figuring out your internal battles.

    • I don't want to live my life knowing that my death will be a lonely one; it's something I've been repeatedly forced to do.

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    • "smile more be happy. you attract why your perspective is, so be positive, people feed off energy especially positive energy."

    • What*

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  • Let your head clear, take care of yourself, things will be good bro.

    • I hear this every time.

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    • The thing is that it moved too fast, we both realized it, we took the label away from it when we realized it, but it hit her really hard that she's the one that decided to label it and take the label away. We're both emotionally fucked, so really we were playing Russian Roulette by even starting to date.

      I don't, yeah no idea man.

    • Sorry for the delay., I got to watching the SpaceX launch of Jcsat-16.

      In that case, either she will settle down and contact ya, or she'll want to move past the entire thing. If you can settle yourself and do what ya can to not worry about it, you'll be better off.

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  • that happens to everyone, you should just end the friendship and make sure you don't do the same mistake again

    • Friendship doesn't result in a family and life long companionship with someone that seeks to understand you at your deepest levels.

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  • fuck people. trust no one..