Girls, I need a reality check what can I get, at this point I'm not picky?

I need a reality check women what can I get

I'm 24 honestly I'm tired of being single, believe it or not but I never had a girlfriend in my life so I wanna know based on this picture what you think I can get
Cause some say I aim to high but I wanna put those theories to rest now.

Thanks for opinions


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  • You look strong and independent you could probably pull any chick if you had more confidence.

    • Really?

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    • Good luck I hope you find good girl

    • Thank you

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  • Stop using your looks. Your looks have nothing to do with how women see you. It sounds like your personality and your attitude towards women in general. There is nothing wrong with you. They probably sensed that your not right for them, and your interested in the wrong type of women who maybe out of your league. That is the reality. So focus on people who do find you attractive and stop ignoring women who likes you and want to give it a shot. Its not about being picky. I just think your unreasonable because your looking for that 'dream girl' in your life. Many may be taken or just aren't right for you. You have to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Well the fact is no women have shown interest in me I'm 24 and at this point. I will take whatever comes along

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    • @Asker I never had a boyfriend in my entire life either. But you don't me complaining. Yet I attract whoever I attract. But doesn't mean I have to be in a relationship with them. You need to go at your own pace. But being desperate is not good. If your in a relationship like that, your going to make that person miserable and their going to be no longer interested in you and dump you. That's not healthy. It will make the relationship toxic very quickly.

    • see me*