Is it hard to date a Virgo guy?

I have been friends with this Virgo guy for 6 years, we met through school, though I have been crushing on him all the while. Our friends around us often tease us as a couple and we just laughed it off. He is student president and such a charismatic guy! Until last dec, he actually finally asked me out as his girlfriend, I was overjoyed. However it was a short lived moment of 1 week when he decided that he's more comfortable being friends. Furthermore, in that relationship I felt like I was leading and taking more initiative in planning dates and holding his hands. Heart broken, I move on from him. This August, he asked to patch back, I told him I would if he is okay with holding hands during this try out period. But seems like he hasn't got over his physical barrier. I told him off and said that it was unfair for me to be in such a relationship. Next moment, he's deleted himself from all the cliques group chat & when I confronted him, he said its "deleting myself" I am so loss at his behavior, feels like I am dealing with a kid here. I still like him and hope to still go on with him either as a friend and boyfriend.


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  • I am a virgo guy. the virgo is not a problem but the person is.


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  • Putting relationship stock in imaginary traits defines by "star positions"... *sigh*


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  • Im a cancer. Virgo guys are seriously so annoying and stubborn. They lie about getting embarrassed and care about their self image too much