Why does my boyfriend ignoring me so much?

My boyfriend ignores me a lot and I don't know why.

1. I'll tell a story ab my life or vent ab work and there has been multiple times he just ignores me to the point that I just stop telling the story. Then life just goes on, he doesn't say a word. And we're alone when I tell him.

2. When I am asking questions about like what you want to do this Saturday? He will ignore me and not respond by watching videos or Pokemon and multiple times in a row. I'll ask 3-4 times and just give up.

3. When I am upset he will tell me are you done talking, or just ignore me and never respond, or if we're on the phone he will just put himself on mute and set the phone down for 10 mins till I hang up.

I feel so offended by this, hurt and sometimes even humiliated. I feel devalued. I love him and I try so hard to make this relationship work but with behavior like this I have a hard time feeling like he is trying.

tonight he ignored me while I vented that it hurt my feelings that he has nothing planned for our two year anniversary he says he has no money but I told him I don't need anything fancy a 99cent card, a picnic, a dinner and movie at home. I'll even pay. I just want a memory of us on our second anniversary. Mind you he is 27 years old and works full time but bills are super tight. What do I do to get him to respect me more and care. I told him three days ago that I was out if he didn't shape up and he ignored me tonight so I left while he pretended to not hear me and went home. Help me...


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  • A relationship requires 100% from both sides. This doesn't sound like a relationship. My advice is to date someone who will be there for you when you need to talk. If he's not there for you now then imagine when something tragic happens in your life.


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  • "What do I do to get him to respect me more and care."

    You shouldn't have to get somebody to respect and care for you more. They just should naturally all on their own. Girl, listen, you are trying way too hard to make something work that not even he is concerned about. You can't force somebody do anything. Hell, you even said you'd be done with him in three days if he doesn't change. STILL nothing.

    My thought is that he's trying to get you to leave him. I truly think he's already done with you, but doesn't have the decency to be honest with you about how he feels. Think about your dignity and self-respect. Do you want to be with somebody who doesn't care about anything you say, no matter the topic? You could be spending all this time moving on with your life, adjusting, and preparing yourself for a much better man. I'm sorry, but it's not him. he needs to go.

    • It's so tough bc I am so dedicated

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    • I feel like I am a very selfless person and he is selfish and I get run over

    • Maybe you are a selfless person, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it's wrong to the point where you LET people mistreat you. The more you take his crap, the longer he'll think you'll just continue to eat it all up, and won't do anything about it. If that's the case, WHY should he change?

      Everybody here is trying to tell you the same thing. Get away from him and move on.

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  • i'd leave. this sounds awful. and you sound very sweet-so you deserve a sweet guy, don't settle for bs... when it's like this, it's time to end it. plenty more guys ready to take his place and actually look at you, listen to you, even adore you. Value yourself-or this shit will continue and/or happen with other guys.


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  • I think u should just break up with him. He is an insensitive asshole. U deserve better.

  • Dump his ass! You may love him, but you are wasting your time on someone who doesn't value and appreciate you. You need to move on, and find someone who does! Life is too short girl!

    • I am so deep into this relationship like I thought he was the one

    • You'll know when you have the one because "the one" won't make you force an ounce of effort of "trying to make things work". When you find him everything will just click.