Which girl you rather date/ be friends with? Just for fun (: Comment with thoughts/explanation if you want?

Girl A- hair just above shoulders, constantly switching between blonde and brown, kinda frizzy. blue eyes. glasses. friendly to people in general, but rude when someone has a different opinion than her. not the brightest, but into rescuing animals, mudding, riding horses, shooting guns, etc. very stubborn, likes to argue, holds grudges. against drugs and alcohol. height: 4'11" weight: 130 lbs, on the chubby side, B cups, pale with freckles, wears jeans, hoodies, and tennies or cowboy boots. lots of camo and pink

Girl B- hair just below shoulders, dark brown and kind of wavy, not frizzy at all. brown eyes. nice to everyone, non judgmental. doesn't always make the best descisions. sometimes gets distant and depressed. is actually smart but acts stupid. gets around (if you know what i mean). trips a lot. funny in a "dumb blonde" kind of way. watches a lot of netflix. loves video games, music and play fighting. can be a pushover. loves drinking, smokes weed, highkey freaky. won't admit when they're wrong, but won't stay mad at you. height: 5'3" weight: 125 lbs, big butt, thick thighs and nice stomach, kind of bigger muscular arms, D cups, tan, wears shorts, sweats, tight jeans, loose shirts, and keds. bright colours

Girl C- hair to elbows, thick and curly, reddish brown. hazel eyes. glasses. comes across as snooty but is actually a nice person. can be pushy and overly intense. anxious person, will argue with you but always apoligizes and admits it when they were wrong. has a dark and/or sarcastic sense of humor, usually surprises people when she makes jokes as she comes across as very serious. smart, likes history and books, sci-fi nerd, plays video games. smokes weed, lowkey freaky. height: 5'4" weight: 130 lbs, wide hips and tiny waist, bony but has some excess fat/loose skin in lower abdomen and upper arms, B cups, kind of pale, wears tight jeans and plain t shirts, cardigans and hoodies, the occasional skirt. dark colours.

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  • I don't know where you live but why did you have to include a drugs section for two girls? I don't date people who do drugs and very very few non drug users do as well...
    Girl C would be my choice. She's very similar to me and I'd enjoy talking and arguing with her. I'd have to get past the snootiness initially but I'm pretty good at that.


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  • where is not girl d? lol

  • Girl C

  • Not a fan of the whole smoking weed thing though.


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