For the 3rd time, He has forgotten my birthday... what should I do?

1st year... He didn't know, perhaps He missed to hear when I said... I was upset that time... etc forgave him...
2nd year, I was hurt for the 2nd year He forgot... and that He is bad with dates... that I shouldve reminded him... I didn't talked for him for a week etc...
This time, I didn't expect him to remember it at all... didn't bother telling him... didn't share the bday celebration I had... I decided not to see him for a week... He just wonder what is going on if everything is okay...
He forgets it again... and I didn't tell him coz I dont want to feel disappointed again... I have no plan of telling unless He would remember to ask me about it.

Should I just stay silent about it? Should I tell him that I celebrated my birthday a week ago?

I just dont know whats the point of telling him... ofcourse there was already a negative impact... and the fact that I even stop caring... probably because I didn't want to get hurt... but I am not happy inside about it.



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  • Look, some people don't care about celebrating days of birth...

    If it's such a big deal to you then make it known.

    Keeping your needs to yourself and then expecting him to read your mind is foolish. Remind him a week earlier and stop avoiding communication.

    • "that I shouldve reminded him... I didn't talked for him for a week etc..."

      What are you? A 38 year old child? He told you exactly what you needed to do to happily celebrate your birthday, then you continue on with your old ways? AAAAHHHH CHANGE UP.

      Your dismal level of communication frustrates me.

    • I truly understand you coz you are a male... I am not upset at all him without knowing it & can't even be bothered... In fact, this is why Should I still be bother of telling him? Obviously, I just stop caring about this petty things. I celebrated it with family and friends and to those who remembered... Focusing on the "happy" ones rather than... the "unhappy" one.
      That's it... I had no expectation from him remembering it... So why my question should I let him know or just forget it...

    • " So why my question should I let him know or just forget it..."

      I ask you this in return...
      "Do you want to take your happiness in your control or left up to whoever fucking cares"
      You are unhappy your significant other doesn't remember your birthday yet you set yourself up for continued unhappiness by remaining quiet.

      If you don't know how to communicate to each other in meaningful and effective ways, consult a therapist.

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  • open your eyes !!! He could care less about you its about the sex
    look at it in this matter you emotionally like him thats why you are upset about him not caring about your B-day if someone was going to give him free football tickets he would remember
    You and him are on a friend with benefits type of thing
    he shows this by calling you a week later to make sure his sex thing is okay
    Getting you something for your b-day means girlfriend and boyfriend and you two are not that !!

    • Thank you. This guy had expressed his feeling with me... but I wasn't very convinced... and just reject it every time... Little things counts. We we were off for 3mos early this yr...& since then... I am even more protective...
      I am not that upset... him not knowing... I wanted to know If he is improving... as He claimed that He would for me... Well seems not... It is just should I bother of telling him... or Just dont be bothered of letting him know... I just dont see the point of telling him at this point...

    • No there is no point of telling him anything because he never really cared in the first place. Telling him would be a waste of words. I would find a new man that wants to acknowledge you on a more personal level. If you want to check in on him fine but why check on someone can't even take the time to say happy b-day. Caring goes both-ways.

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  • If he is bad with dates then mitagate his mistake. Offer up to literally be a part time important date reminderer.

  • Worlds shittiest boyfriend award goes to ___________________. Your man

    • When a woman even bother to test their partner... of claiming that they will improve... It gives me more reason not to be with him.

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  • Birthdays are not a big deal for many people and he might be one of them. Try telling him how much they mean to you.

  • Is he your boyfriend?

    • Good question! We have been seeing each other for 3yrs... We both have kids from previous... We actually had a short break up early this year... due to this complications we are on... Honestly, when He asked me to see him again... I am more careful of my feelings and everything... I felt it is never the same that what I used to have for him.. I am more protective, I guess another reason why I didn't bother telling him this year.

  • Ask him why he forgets it

    If he just bad with dates, then you just have to remind him

  • He may just have a bad memory.

  • Why are you still with him? Just tell him what's bothering you and find yourself someone who will treat you the way you deserve

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