Is it creepy to say that I am attracted to innocence/naiveness?

I am NOT talking about pedophilia. Don't get that confused.

I am talking about being attracted to younger girls within a reasonable age (17, 18, and 19 years old). I definitely can sense they are younger than me. They are still high on love and butterfly feelings when it comes to love. They are immature and innocent, yet not too immature either. They still get puppy lovish. I like their youthfulness.

I think it sounds creepier than it is.

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  • As ling as you dint take advantage of them and only have good intentions, it is fine.


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  • I woudln't say so, I'm the same way.

    My girlfriend is adorable because she's still so pure and innocent, it's the cutest thing. Like, not even the internet has condemned her brain yet.

    • But you are 19. To me, an almost 22 year old man, you almost like a kid. Except, you are also old enough to where I have to remind myself you are pretty much close in age to me.

    • Fair enough, Maybe you should shoot for 18 yo's then? xD

    • Yep. But I still wonder if I am a creep considering a lot of 18 year olds are still seniors in high school or JUST started transitionong into adult life.

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  • no its perfectly natural. its called neoteny

  • yepp it is

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