Guys, if a 10/10 woman came onto you online & wanted to meet right away, would you be suspicious or weirded out?

Like say you're a 5/10, you're single & on some dating app (plenty of fish, tinder, etc) And a female who looks gorgeous starts talking to you, your personalities click, similar interests, and she asks to go out after a week or 2 and keeps pushing to do so even if you seem reluctant... Would you think she's up to something or be weirded out? Or if she adds you on Facebook and she appears real and you have mutual friends as well, what would your thoughts be? What would you do? Would you meet up with her or wait awhile or what?

  • I would think it was a set up/prank/etc & wouldn't continue talking
    50% (3)
  • I would continue talking with her but not meet her until a long while
    17% (1)
  • I'd meet up with her right away
    33% (2)
  • Other?
    0% (0)
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  • Having gained some experience, I'd be like... Why the fuck am I on a dating app? *uninstall*

    If we connect through mutual friends then sure, maybe there's a something worth exploring.


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