HELP. Does he like me or should I let it take its course and be a good friend until he's ready?

I dated a guy about three years ago, and we reconnected about 1 and a half years ago. His ex girlfriend harrased and helped end our relationship those 3 years ago. She is not in his life. Our families are good friends now, and we go to the same university, and are in marching band together. We almost dated last fall, but out of nowhere he stopped being intimate with me and didn't text me as much, and he was the one who was intimate towards me first. Now we're still good friends and I feel just as close as we were before. We don't hangout everyday but when we do, it's never boring. I caught him staring at me while watching a movie last night and he quickly looked away. Then when I went to leave he fully embraced me In a hug, which we haven't done since we dated in 2013. I've met his extended family and been to social events with his family, and were often confused as a couple but he never corrects them. I know I still like him, but I don't want to chase him away by telling him that I like him. I don't text everyday and I give him his space with friends. He's definitely not the average guy, but is not shy with me. Any advice is appreciated.


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  • I am sorta reading between the lines here. Correct me if I am wrong, but I get the sense you really haven't been showing him much interest in return, or you think you have but he isn't seeing it. This may be why he gave up on you in the fall. He is clearly still interested, but I don't think you are giving him clear signals that you are interested too.

    • Thank you for responding. You are correct with what you're saying. What kind of signals would you suggest that I do to show that I am interested?

    • You know what, guys are sorta dumb when it comes to reading signals. The more obvious and blunt you are the better. Just tell him you have feelings for him and want to see him!

    • Thank you again! It's appreciated

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  • I think he has a thing for you. He's probably attracted to you but he's not certain on how to proceed due to your past history.

    • Thank you! I appreciate your advice!

    • You're welcome and good luck!