I don't understand this guy AT AAALLLL. What's with the mixed signals? Can someone give me insight or something?

I've asked q's about him before on here & I really thought I was done but I guess not. We met online, but we have some mutual friends on Facebook, and I know people he knows but they don't know me. I had a crush on him a few years ago when I stumbled upon his Facebook. We matched on tinder so I took the opportunity.
A month & a half down the line, we have had a few long conversations that ran for 8 hours and through the night. He is introverted and not that experienced with women, I can tell; he told me he spends most of his time alone. I'm an attractive young 22 year old. He's 27 and in a local band. Every single time I have tried to meet him, it hasn't worked out. He will either agree and then flake or he won't message me back and then message me days after with some lame excuse. A couple weeks ago, he invited me via Favebook invite to one of his band's shows. I messaged him about going & he never responded, so I took it as he didn't want me to actually go. He then told me days later he "missed my messages" even though I know it's BS. I tried again to ask to hang out when we were chatting a week ago, and he didn't respond back once I asked. So I was done, yeah?

Now today, I just received another Facebook invite for a show he is playing at in a few days. He invited maybe 1/4 of his friend list and myself included. He hand selected them. I don't get why he would invite me but then act like how he has been. My gut tells me he is nervous about meeting me in person... But I still feel like he should be able to encourage me to go to his show instead of remaining silent. What is going on?


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  • He wants to start a business with you. A Halloween costume business.


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  • He's not that interested.

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