Why do I have a crush then a simple thing he might do changes my feeling towards him?

it always happens. why am I not accepting of mannerisms or traits? I can go from liking someone to losing all interest in him before I even really know him because of simple things.


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  • Because that's what crushes are. They are superficial and fading.

    Though you might really should ask yourself if you aren't too harsh on possible mannerisms. Take a step back, calm down and ask yourself if you aren't overreacting.

    • I have a fear of rejection and I think I may look for things to not like so its easier. what do you think?

    • That is actually quite possible.

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  • Ur superficial


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  • Crushes are like that. U think u like someone then your feelings fade for them as time goes on. U just stop feeling for them.

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