What am I doing wrong?

Okay I'm dumbfounded at this point. I been on the forefront of online dating for quite sometime and manage to score zero dates and one failed relationship. While I do have a horrible track record, maybe because I'm a half decent person who doesn't send dick pics or act like a sex deprived maniac on there.

Some may say I look like a bag of shit or have one messed up personally at which I will frantically laugh while sipping coffee. But jokes aside I'm average looking and have a fair personally, assuming you can get over the fact I'm average, don't drink much and hate partying and pretty much ghost around most of the time, he'll 90% of 15 or so people who have me in FB think I'm dead lol.

Anyways I been talking to 3 girls on POF. 1 I will stop talking to since I send her a message and get reply usually 24-64 hours later, while she snaps on me choosing to ignore her message as an act of retaliation, plus I owe her nothing 👌 The 2nd girl seems fine but outside of motorcycle love we don't have much in common, and 3rd girl yeah will prob cut ties soon as well.

I asked the 3rd girl on a date for some coffee and gave her 4-5 days heads up. Should have met today. So just to make sure I won't waste my gas and go meet her and then find she didn't bother coming I messaged her. And to my surprise I get a reply "So hung over". Um okay... So after asking her about whatever she was going or not she said no.

At at this point I'm dumbfounded to massive extend since girls talk to me but when I ask them on a date I'm often faced with such bullshit. I don't think I'm going for the wrong type since I talk to wide range of girls, with different backgrounds and interests but somehow the end is usually the same.

I kind of have been trying to crack the reasoning behind such poor turnout rate but hey maybe because I'm average, boring and don't have stacks of money or that BMW M5... Who knows 😐


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  • "While I do have a horrible track record, maybe because I'm a half decent person who doesn't send dick pics or act like a sex deprived maniac on there."
    Sure because girls love guys who send them dick pics or act like sex-deprived maniacs. >_>


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  • Online dating is pretty much a numbers game. So don't get discouraged. It looks like you've had some activity which is a good sign. Just keep working at it. Sometimes you need to go on a few bad dates before the really good date happens. And if I were you, I would not put all my eggs in one basket. Keep doing online dating, but try to meet dates organically as well. Go out and meet someone at a bar or something. Good luck!

    • Ah the organic part may be bit tricky as mentioned somewhere in above rant. I don't go to bars as I'm not s big fanatic of drinking, and as mentioned somewhere in the ghost type 😂