In what ways can a woman help a man improve, reach his goals in life, make him happy? What are some qualities, besides looks, that you men love?

Be specific please. I'm 24 and My boyfriend just broke up with me. He is in his 30s. I cooked, cleaned and worked part time, so I already know men generally like this. He broke up with me because I wasn't a goal oriented person and he didn't see me striving for a higher life. He was under a lot of stress in life and I realize he was right..

I want to know how to help the man you're with. Specific ways to show support? I'd love to hear some examples. Do you want her to help with finances for example? I want to be the best gf/wife possible one day and I'm sick of getting broken up with.


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  • Once little Temuchin, went with his dad to look for a bride. He was 8 years old at that time. There he met another clan leader's daughter who teased him a lot because eshe was older than him. She told him, don't you dare marry some weak girl, marry me and I'll make you the ruler of the world, the greatest commander ever born. Temuchin went to his father and said he wanted to marry that girl. And his dad agreed.
    Years later that little Temuchin went on to become Genghis Khan that you know now.

    Standing by his man doesn't mean cooking cleaning for him and always looking his back. Standing by a man means motivating him at every point in his life and walking toe to toe with him.

    • Thank you for that. How can I be that woman? I don't want to be the weak girl, I want to be like the clan leaders daughter. I feel like I'm the weak girl.
      I want a man to feel like he's growing with me, not going backwards in life. :(

    • If there we're a formula to become like the clan leaders daughter, I woud follow it 100% until I became it

    • I am sure you'll figure that out for yourself. You are a strong woman ;)

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  • The fact that you at least try to do so, instead of just expecting him to do it all. That alone makes you a keeper.


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  • he broke up with you bc you didn't have your #own goals... you're asking how to help a guy with #his goals.

    Why is that? just curious :)

    • I ask because he is one of the smartest guys I've ever met. I do have some long term goals like have a family, get married one day but I struggle with defining and sticking to my personal goals. I want to help him because I feel like that's what a good gf/spouse would do. Hi goals, unlike mine, are 100% clear.