Is he still interested?

So I met this guy online we went out on our first date yesterday.
He was holding my hand, wrapping his arm around me, touching my arm, pretty affectionate the whole time. But no further than that no kiss or make out.
after I came home I sent him a thank you text and he replied back.

then today i haven't heard from him (he always sent morning text and texted me through out the day before our first date) so I texted him saying where's my morning text.
he then replied saying he wants to be honest, he thinks I'm gorgeous very attractive, we got along great, he liked me a lot, he thought I was a lot of fun. but I was complaining about every little thing which was a turn off for him and that he was disappointed. He said he really liked me and he didn't fake at all when he was being affectionate, he wants me to have fun with him. Then he said 'I'd like to see you again babe'.
The problem is, he hasn't set up our second date yet, and he hasn't sent me any text asking me how my day been and stuff (which he always did before)

He's a nice, genuine guy I know he meant all that, but im worried if he was just saying he wants to see me again just to be nice. Should I just move on guys :( because I'm a firm believer that if a guy is truly interested and excited about you he will set up next date right away.


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  • Yeah move on. If a guy is interested he will set up a next day and he will bombard you with texts and compliments. At least he told you what turned him off. Please forget about this guy.

  • Well ask him then?

  • Stop being needy and stop nagging. He finds you attractive but doesn't like your personality.