Does my ex girlfriend still hoping we can work things out? What is she doing?

I dated my girlfriend for 9 months, we have been broken up for 3 weeks. We have communicated and had sex once after our break up. We went out to dinner and she was being completely honest telling me she missed me a lot and still is interested in us. She said that she wasn't looking for anyone else. She said she still loves me. Dinner was a success and we texted for awhile after that. She said she would call me on Sunday but never did. She then texted me saying she can't do this anymore and she needs a break. She said she can't even understand herself. We haven't talked in 4 days and it seems like that is what she needs. So I'm going NC. Also her birthday is coming up in like 2 weeks, should I keep doing NC or reach out to her for that? I was leaning more towards not saying anything to get her really thinking about what I am doing. She is just really confused. I need help!!


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  • Stay Nc. Kinda defeats the point to message jer

    • You think she will reach out eventually?

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    • A month? Gives her time to think then

    • Have you had any experiences like this one? Any thoughts in your head that happened at some point?

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  • She seems confused, I say give her a break

    • Is there a good time to reach out?

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