Girlfriend does not trust me enough to hang out with girls by myself. We had a discussion and resolved the issue but did we resolve it correctly?

My girlfriend loves hanging out with guys and has almost all guy friends. This never really bothered me until she stated that she would hang out with some of these guys by herself. She wants to hang out with her guy friends in her room, to the movies, sports events, or any other types of hangout. I told her to do whatever she wishes to do. She also stated that she would have less time for me during the next college semester, which is no big issue. The problem is, if she has less time to spend with me during the next semester but spends more time with all of her guy friends what does that say about me?

When we discussed about the 1 on 1 hang outs, I told her that sometimes I would hang out with girls who are my good friends but she didn't like that. I decided that for the sake of the relationship, I wouldn't hang out 1 on 1 with my female friends anymore since I have respect for my girlfriend. However, when she told me that I should be fine with her hanging out with her guy friends 1 on 1 especially to places that could be considered dating, I was irritated. I told her that I trust her 100% and to just do what she wants.

I completely trust my girlfriend and know that she's told some of her guy friends about me. So for now, I'm going to take the wait and see approach instead of being too bothered by what she's doing.

Yesterday she brought up an interesting question about how worried she is with me being with my friends. We were apart for 2 weeks, and I would always tell her what my friends and I did for fun. She always asked what we did. So when she asked me this question I was surprised. She was trying to tell me that she's worried about me hanging out with other girls. That I would have eyes for other girls and would take that opportunity when she's not there, to flirt with them or ask them out. I reassured her that I love her and only her and no one is going to match my girlfriend in beauty and personality.

Am I treating the relationship correctly?

I should also mention that she has asked me in the past if it's okay if she talks to a guy who always sends her flirty texts. She would send friendly flirty comments back.

I said I was fine with it as long as it doesn't go overboard.


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  • No. It shouldn't be one rule for you and one for another.
    on top of that why's she so paranoid...


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  • OK from a brother to another brother this is all noteworthy.
    1) Your being a bitch. It doesn't matter if all your friends were girls. She doesn't tell you what to do remember that.
    2) She doesn't trust you. But expects trusts from you. In other words she has little respect for you simply because she doesn't think you have the will power to not fuck everything.
    3) She's guilty of something 100%. She's worried about you because she's projecting her feelings. If she kissed a guy and flirted she will you did to.
    4) Her being unhappy is ok because she doesn't 'Trust you' but the moment you flip it you're 'Controlling'.
    5) Her asking about your friends constantly is her way of determining whether you are cheating. Because she can follow up with your friends easily. Again a lack of trust.
    6) Notice she doesn't question herself? She seems to believe because she's a girl you have to believe her and it's 'Normal' to have trust issues... But it's not if you've done nothing to be suspicious it's her issue.


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  • Wow. You're 25, and you haven't learned much. First girlfriend?

  • Why do you need to be hanging out with other girls other than her? Same with her, why does she need to be talking to other guys?

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