How to tell a guy you like them and ask if they are single with out making it weird in the work place?

How can you tell if a guy likes you or is just being friendly. like we went out as friends and then it ended up being kinda a date. He is super sweet and I learned a lot about him and we were just hitting it off, we stayed out with eachother intill like 5am. I do like him but the thing is I'm not sure if he is single or not cause that has not come up and I don't know how to go about asking him that question without it casuig some tension where he works. The reason I don't want to ask him while were are hanging out at his job is beacue and his boss has a thing for me. so how do I even start these conversations with him either at his job cause that's where we hang out a lot and how would I go about it as a normal conversation.


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  • This is a very easy question. What you do is you have a conversation with him about some subject in which you can bring up his wife or girlfriend. What you are doing in the conversation is assuming that he has wife or girlfriend. If he is single then he will mention that he does not have a wife or girlfriend. You can take it from there.

  • Ask him if he wants to go out and do something. Is it really gonna be awkward if you ask the guy to "See this movie with me because none of my friends are around/want to"

    You flirt with him the weeks leading up to it, let your arm lightly touch his during the movie and if he doesn't shy away, maybe hold his hand.

    • It's only like kind of awkward because I don't have much confidence in myself so i tend to make things awkward..

    • It's fine, give it your best shot! If he's not a piece of shit, he'll think it's cute.

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  • Just ask them to hang out together after work in order to get to know him better.

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