Is he trying to say he likes me?

I was hanging out with a guy and he told me a characteristic about me that he liked. Later, he said he likes girls who "..." and named a few things that I do. Is he trying to say he likes me without putting himself out there? or is he just saying things and I am overthinking it?

  • Yes, he likes you.
  • No, I wouldn't say he necessarily has a crush on you.
  • Other (pls explain)
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  • Umm yeah. The only reason he is saying that is because he likes you but is too nervous to say it directly and make things awkward so he is saying I like girls like you. Well if he likes girls with characteristics like YOU then he must like YOU. Am I wrong?

    I couldn't see any other logical reason why this dude would say such things without trying to show that he is interested in you. Now it's your turn to show him back if you like him or not. Then he will know and be more comfortable and should ultimately ask you out. You just gotta show that you want him, flirt, say things back like he does, compliment him, joke, touch him on the shoulders or arm whatev. You get what I'm saying.

    • Do you think just flirting will show that I am interested? Or do you think I need to do something more?

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    • He asked me to hang out when we were both at work two weeks ago (we always flirt at work). last week we hung out and went to get ice cream, played mini golf, and went to a movie. Later this week we're going to my favorite restaurant and I suggested that we go to a place that has arcade games, mini golf, and go karts before we go eat. I will try to low key drop hints but at the same time I am kind of a shy person at first so I don't know if when the time comes if I would have the guts to say that kind of thing...

    • Yeah I understand but from all that you have said to me you guys are like "low key" DATING. Now it's not official but honestly you two seem like you are dating. just keep things going the way you are and it should all turn out good. At some point either it will come out of this guys mouth and confirm that you two are dating or it will just be clear one day for both of you. I'd say you could go even deeper with your flirting too if you want and lay down on his shoulder or body, hug, etc now he can take it as friendly but if he has a brain he should recognize your interest in him for sure. Best of luck

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  • Yes he's trying to say he likes you


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  • No, I wouldn't say he necessarily has a crush on you.


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