If guys do indeed get 'freaked out' by their feelings for a girl, what happens next? Is there ever a chance that he'll want a relationship with her?


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  • We panic!

    • Understood. I'm just hoping to find out whether there's anything about the girl or something she could do to make him change his mind and ask her out...

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  • Yes he would. LOL. They pursue her

  • Once he freaks out, he either makes a choice to run away or to pursue her.

    • I wonder what makes him decide to pursue her if he's felt a little scared before...

    • Courage. Lol,
      Happened to me last week. A crush of mine got drunk and got the courage to ask me out and spill his feelings. I am seeing him again this week - fingers crossed

    • Awesome - hope all goes well!
      And that my guy will up his courage game lol

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