Do I have anything to worry about?

I recently met met guy online... right away we clicked and we are very much alike - he even said so himself. He also calls me his girlfriend and he posted our photos on facebook and did the relationship status thing as well. He Keeps telling me that I make him happy and that he wants to be with me for a very long time to come and that were in a long term commited relationship. He always texts , when he says he will and we text everyday. He also deactivated his online dating account. He also told his family about me and showed our photos. Also has our photo as his phone screen background.

Once every 2 weeks we don't meet and he says he's with family. There's also a bit of a distance - 1 hour drive and his family uses the car. He also deleted people that he doesn't like or talk to anymore before we made it official on facebook.

Do I have anything to be concerned about? Or does he seem to be genuine?

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He always clicks like on all my photos and posts as well


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  • I'd only be concerned by this "we met recently and now we're practically getting married" thing. How recently is that?

    • For the last month we've been seeing each other and right away we clicked and he closed his online account right in front of me

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    • But he does message wjen he says he will everyday and he's made it public on facebook and does a lot of pda with me

    • It all sounds good, just a bit too fast. But thats just me, I like to keep things slow.

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  • he seems to be genuine. Don't have too many doubts. he already made it public that you are his girlfriend.
    I would say just enjoy it, but be carefull too (not too much)

    • Biweekly we don't meet... is that cause for concern?

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    • Ok true we do text, but what worried me was yesterday when he said he's afraid that I might not want him anymore, and these last 2 days he hasn't put as many kiss emoticons... is he losing interest? Or are emoticons no big deal? He still calls me babe. But he has also said he's not ready to meet my friends yet... what does this mean?

    • Don't think he is losing interest in you. as you just said, he told you he is afraid that you aren't interesting in him anymore. Maybe he feels you are nervous or hesitating.
      See what happens in the next few days and try to show more interest in him. He already gave you a clue/hint.

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  • worrying for nothing


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  • If he introduces you to his parents as his girl, he means serious business.

    • Hasn't actually introduced me to them but has told them about me and has our relationship status public on facebook

  • The question is, have you seen him? Not on pictures, but on webcam or something?

    Is his facebook page genuine?

    • Yes I've seen him in person we met last month and been seeing each other for a month now

    • Okay that is great.

      He sounds genuine, but only you can really tell.

      But also as @wolfie12 mentioned, it is very fast to get into.
      Just be careful it does not go too fast and that he tries to hide something. (I am not saying that he is)

    • He has posted our photos and has our relationship status public and he does a lot of PDA with me when we're out and he initiates a lot of the time. He also asks me if I have any guy friends anytime I say I'm going out with a friend