I am trying to forget about my crush this summer, and yet she always shows up in my dreams? how and help please?

Hello. There is this girl i am basically in love with. she says she doesn't have any feelings for me so our situation is kinda weird and a bit tense has we have a long story but I can tell she feels attracted to me whenever she stares at me.

Anyway right now I am trying my best to enjoy my summer and I am trying my best to forget about her. I promise I do EVERYTHING a guy can do to forget about a girl.

Only problem is: she keeps showing up in my dreams. almost every single night. it is driving me insane ! and she is not in town so I have to wait until September and I am getting tired of us only communicating through messenger.
Most of the nights in my dreams she either hates me, ignores me or we argue, we only hugged once.
I know it is just in my mind as she stated more than once that she doesn't hate me and not mad.
so why those dreams? why every night and why almost the same mood?


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  • That's because your obsessed with her. That is why your having all of those dreams and your paying way too much attention to it, besides not finding something else to preoccupy your time. You have to let her go. And that means stop looking at her, stop trying to analyze and catch her looking. It doesn't matter if she is attracted to you or not. If she is not interested, a girl doesn't have to go out with you or date you just because she is attracted. It is by choice. She said no. If you cannot handle this relationship as an acquaintance or friend, then you need to end this relationship you to have with her and move on. Because this is becoming unhealthy. And either she gets pass this and try again with you or its over.

  • Your dream about her is just purely on the reflection of what is happening in your awakening life. You obviously can't get her out of your head (well you've tried to) and you can't seem to shake her off you, now she's entering your dreams. The way she acts in your dreams is in tuned with her behaviour with you in real life. So nothing with a hidden meaning or anything


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