How do I get more than just a "goodbye" kiss?

So yea, my and my guy have been going out for a while now and the only time we kiss is when one of us has to leave. You know: a hug then a kiss(nothing major,people, just like a peck), then a see you later. And now I'm going to be gone for 3 weeks and so I gotta see him one last time, of course. We're going to the movies together. So what can I do to get this boys lips on mine more than just when I gotta go?

GUYS: anything that girls do that make you wanna kiss them?


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  • If he's shy but really likes you he is probably sweating over wanting your lips all the time. He just doesn't want to look silly or weird for randomly wanting kisses, but I think its dumb how guys are always supposed to make the move first. If you want this you gotta go and get it cause he will like it for sure, after once or twice he will warm up to it and do it back a lot. I know this because I was kind of in the same boat, I was just very shy so it took quit a while to make out even. Unfortunately she broke up with me at almost 4 months.

    Bottom line - If you want it go get it, nothing to lose.

  • Take the first step and kiss him.

    nothing wrong with that

    • But shouldnt the guy make that first move? I mean, they would if they really wanted to right?

      Making the first move might scare him or freak him out?

    • I don't know, but he's pretty shy around me.

    • He probably doesn't want to freak you out by coming on too strong and ruin anything.

      when he holds you don't let go. kiss him again. and tell him to give you a long kiss.

      guys can be insecure about going too far too soon. there is nothing wrong with girls taking a step forwards.

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