Potential late summer hook up but is it too soon to make a move?

I had meet this girl at a bar the other night but had seen her around here this summer just hadn't talked to her till now. I got the feeling she was into me as she seemed responsive and told me a fair bit about herself , she's working at a restaurant but might only be here for the remainder of summer. I feel like I need to make a move now or she'll just be gone soon? but I only just talked to her like 4 days ago so worry it be too soon to come on stronger when I see her at bar again in next few days?

is it too late or too soon to make a move? she also told me she normally lived an hour south of where I live so it might not be that hard to see her after summer even if she leaves this area. but not sure


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  • Do it now!

    • I talked to her again , she was very drunk and mostly just wanted to dance with herself or her girlfriend. did get some good info out of her , she's not leaving the area , is taking a college course in a nearby city this fall so won't be that far away if I can keep in touch with her

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