Do you agree that one of the great ironies of life, is that when you don't care if you get something it often comes your way?

I liked this girl but she had a boyfriend at the time. I forgot about her and focussed on other things and people, and now a mutual friend is in a position to set us up at her request.
Do you notice this too? Do you believe in that phrase? Has this happened to anyone?


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  • Hasn't happened to me but it happens when you least expect it. Well maybe it did happen to me🤔 For example, I didn't care about dating and out of nowhere two guys want to date me but I don't want to date them. So I guess it's true... in a way.

  • Yes, I do. All through high school I was single and feeling bad about it. The summer before college, I finally got myself to the point of accepting that being single was fine. I felt good about myself. Then, lo and behold, I meet my first boyfriend 2 months later after college starts. I think maybe it's that I put out an "I'm not ok with myself" vibe and then once I became ok and accepting of my life circumstances, I put out an "I'm happy with myself and confident" vibe which attracted a guy.


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