Is he not interested?

Me and my boyfriend have recently split up through arguing all the time, we both still really want each other but are too scared to get back into the relationship, he wants to see how it goes and go back to seeing Eachother and I feel like it's hard when we were in a relationship to then go from being with each other properly to not having any loyalties with each other. Am I over reacting or should I just go with the flow?


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What Guys Said 2

  • From personnal experience when you're in couple and the guys wants to split up
    and see how it goes it almost ALLWAYS mean he thinks about other girls
    TRUST ME he wants to see if he likes you more than the other girls...

  • He's fed up of you and want a replacement


What Girls Said 1

  • Go Slow with the Flow and See where it May... Go.
    You both Need to Nurse and Nurture Something Special again to See if it can Ever be "The Way We Were" but Better this time as Two birds of a Feather.
    Good luck and No Friends with Benefits. xxoo