Should I text him or wait for him in order to know if he's really interested?

So there's this guy I met and he's super cute! We literally met out of nowhere at the college im attending and we started tutoring eachother a few days in a row... And so we kind of developed a friendship and he texted everyday he says he's new to this city and so currently a few days ago he was at college and I wasn't there so he texted me a pic saying that he wished I was there.. So currently he hasn`t texted me in like 2 days and im starting to worry like I really want to date him because I feel like he's generally really sweet and now I don't know should I text him or wait for him to text me? by the way he's been checking up on my snap stories. When I think about it I'm like no if he really interested he'll text me but I don't know what should I do?


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  • Did you respond to his message say he wished you were there? If so then yes wait for him to text you. Otherwise if you did not respond then I would recommend texting him

    • Yeah but that wasn't the last thing we said, we talked more after he said that then after that he hasn't texted me in two days and I don't know if I should text first because then I won't know if he actually wants to persue me you know?

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    • How many more days do you think?

    • Maybe like 5 days? (That would basically be a week since contact)

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  • I think you should initiate it, yes.

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