So I called and Now what?

Okkk, so I called him tonight (and you were right KareAnne, he was indeed happy to hear from me 😊). After ascertaining how his day was (hot, tiredsome, etc) I told him how happy I was about his response, etc, complimented him in that he's very forgiving, it took a lot of strength, etc. Then he basically said the subject matter is closed, there's no need to talk about it anymore, to bring it up again. I mentioned the main reason I called. We talked. It was good.
Then he dropped the bomb! He's going to be quite busy for at least three months, going away. There was really nothing i could say about that or prevent him even if i tried, which wouldn't make a bit of sense since he's a grown man.
Well, we talked a bit more, he told me what he fixed for dinner (very nutritious, i was impressed because i eat organic). Then, upon ending our conversation he said "it's good to hear your voice again. We'll talk some more."
I really have no rights to him seeing he's not my man because for one thing it's not even a month that we met, though so far from what I'm seeing, I sure wish he was! Oh well, whatever happens will happen.


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  • @Paris13 said. Let him make the next move. The ball is in his court.


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  • sounds fine. move on. talk to other people, keep yourswelf busy so you don't dwell on this one phone call...


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  • It sounds like a "He Said, She Said," and Now... He is making Lame duck Excuses to Not Discuss any More Sore Subjects.
    He may have Grown Cold Duck feet and now is Finding a Way to "Disappear" by either telling you a White Lie or to give you a Helpful Hint With, "Don't call me, I'll call you."
    Let him Make the next Move now here, dear. If it is Meant to Be, it will Be.
    Good luck. xx

  • Well it seems like he's not that into you.
    I don't know how often you guys communicating but you initiated the call first. He could have called you already if he wants to talk to you.
    It's a good sign that he answered your call though.
    But don't read too much into him being nice over the phone.
    He's going away for 3 months? for work?
    If he's interested he will call you make sure you remember him and just give you a reminder that he's thinking of you.
    And he will text you every day, sending a text to someone is really no big deal takes only few seconds to send a text.
    So just wait and see if he calls, texts you. If he doesn't, you know he's not into you. Being busy can never be an excuse. he could be away for 3 months no one can control that, but still he will initiate the contact every day if you're on his mind.