Are there any girls not in relationships?

I can't seem to find one girl that I'm attracted to that doesn't already have a boyfriend. And i don't know if I should just give up because it already feels like women don't notice me. But all the ones the I try and find confidence to talk to already have a boyfriend and I'm not into all the home wrecking shit. I don't understand why its so hard for me to find a girl when every girl is taken.


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  • It sounds like to me its all about looks and physical appearance that is the problem. You have expectations of what you want in a girl physically and she is already taken. Yet you could be ignoring girls who may not be all attractive to you that would make a great girlfriend.

    • Not to sound defensive but
      1. If I was only worried about her looks I could find an easy girl. I don't want an "easy" girl
      2. The statement I'm making is in regards to girls I'm all around attracted to.

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    • I don't honestly even buy into the approach thing because it doesn't work. The girls (most of them) are people I have met and like actually been around a lot. But just the other night at a get together I met a girl who we had a lot in common and I made her laugh a lot but I just have a feeling she will have a boyfriend because that's how it seems my life story goes

    • @Jolson131 Experience isn't always the best teacher. You won't know unless you ask her. And if she does, move on. That is all you can do. What your problem is from what I'm seeing that you easily get emotionally attached to these girls and then get heartbroken because they are already with somebody else. So your sense of confidence drops rapidly.

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  • Since your confidence is shaken, now is not the time to approach girls. Take a knee. Collect yourself. You're approaching from a position of weakness and it has to stop.

    Stop focusing on getting girls and focus on owning your domain. Expect girls to have boyfriends. Expect girls to have an excuse to not be into you. Same shit. It shouldn't matter.

    By focusing on owning your domain, you hone your craft. You become someone to be desired in the world, for more reasons than just being a boyfriend.

    When you expand your skillset and master your knowns, your domain subsequently expands and women will inevitably enter it. Now, YOU are in control. You are in a position of power. To be in this position means women answer to you, nice vice versa.

    Trust me, chasing doesn't lead to shit. You're better off being a bad man with gravitas.


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  • First avoid equating "confidence" with "courage". Try to associate it more with indifference.

    Then you don't need courage to talk to a girl, you'll just be acting naturally around them even if they look stunning. It'll make it easier to get them engaged in conversations and also consider you more attractive given that you genuinely don't care about them so much and can just treat them like ordinary people.

    Also keep in mind that even the most stunning girl can have an ugly side if you date her and make her your girlfriend. Even the most beautiful girl in the world has a smelly ass after she has explosive diarrhea.

    That doesn't help with the fact that so many are taken (or will claim to be), but it'll make it much easier to get noticed, socialize more, expand your network (and therefore the number of prospects you meet), and ask more out.

  • If they are attracted to you enough then women will tell you that they don't have boyfriends when they actually do lol. If women are constantly telling you they are taken then you are doing something wrong. That's basically a nice way for girls to reject you.

  • BAHAHAHAHAAHA i hope u aren't st00pid enough to think that they do juz cuz of the numbah 1 classic excused

  • You do realize that if a girl doesn't think you're hot, she'll *tell* you she has a boyfriend even if she doesn't, right?

    And if she thinks you're hot, her relationship status is irrelevant, she'll be DTF.

    • Obviously they don't all have boyfriends. But I have met the ones I'm actually interested in

    • Ah.

      Well, if you're interested in them, it stands to reason other guys would be too.

      You know how a monkey doesn't let go of a branch or vine until it's got ahold of another one? Women are the same way. They're generally not going to be single. They'll branch-swing from one guy to the next.

      You never lose your girlfriend, you only lose your turn.

  • Plenty but they are not taken are single for a for a reason, usually totally crazy bitches or nice but simply fat and ugly. Give up and find another hobby besides relationships, has worked for me for the past 11 years and is a lot less depressing.

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