My boyfriend is viewing my snapchat stories but won't reply to my text?

My boyfriend started college like 3 days ago and im taking that into consideration but i just figured if he has the time to go through my snapchat story the least he can do is text im busy or I'll get back to you. He lives in GA I've been vacationing in Miami the whole summer and i return to GA tomorrow. Im not sure what to do. Any thoughts? He is 18 and im 16


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  • Don't freak out and start stressing over the fact that he's not responding to you as quickly as you'd like. Not only would this show a level of immaturity to him, but it might give him the wrong impression about you. He could start to consider if you're clingy or not and that may be a turn off for him. You're sixteen. You don't want to leave him with a negative impression of yourself. You could always though be a little bold and just call him up and ask if he's okay. That would be something a new girlfriend might do.

    • its been a whole week😒

    • Hmmm... that's not a good sign. Barring any other explanation for the lack of contact, I would suggest you give him a call and find out what's wrong. A girlfriend would be worried for her boyfriend at this point and calling him to make sure he's okay isn't out of the question. Go ahead. Give him a call if you haven't already done so.

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  • If he doesn't reply to your text then he isn't your boyfriend anymore. You're single - congrats

  • Hmm well then call him since he's not answering your text. Pretty dickish of him tbh

  • Maybe he doesn't know what to say

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