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Over the last 3 months i developed feelings for a female friend recently someone told her i liked her she told basically everyone but me that we were just friends except i never heard that from her i finally just decided to tell her myself and she just smiled and blushed and then changed the subject so i took that as the definitive answer and decided to just be friends with her but now we hung out last night she was being more flirty than usual touching me a lot didn't break contact with me at all and other stuff i dont know if i can just be friends with her its way too hard because everytime i tell myself that and she shows up all those feeling just come rushing back can someone give me advice


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  • It sounds as if she may be shy and is a little bit uncomfortable with being open and direct about her feelings. Give her some time and patience and then spend some time with her with some privacy and you will see how she really feels.

  • Hmmm, she may be just shy and this why she told everyone you are just a friend. Some women like to be chased. Sometimes when they initially find out someone likes them, they aren't totally ready to accept that and simply need some time for that to soak in and process that new information before they accept it and pursue it. This may be why she initially sorta didn't say anything, but is now starting to show more affection. I next time she is overly flirty with you, I would say something like, "Are you sure you only want to be friends, because it seems like you are interested in something more?" Hopefully she opens up and admits she does likes you. If she continues to hold her ground on the friends only, then I would limit contact with her as she is now playing with you and making you suffer!

    • Thank you best opinion i've gotten on this site

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