It's been 24 hours since I last texted him?

So briefly - I met this guy online and we met for coffee Sunday afternoon. I texted him that night I had a good time and he replied 2 hours later that he had a good time too and would like to do it again. So I waited till 9am that next day and said 'that'd be nice - did you have something in mind'

Nothing since then... I am assuming he has moved on but then why text me he wants to do something again - he could have just said I had a good time too and left it at that.


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  • the fact that you counted 24 hours and posted a post here creeps me are you inside his house without him knowing
    watching him sleep
    in front of his window :p

  • why don't u call him?

    • Isn't that a bit... needy in the beginning? I don't mind calling guys once we have been on a few dates together but isn't that pushing myself on him a bit?

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    • Ha thanks - so should I just move on or maybe text him later?

    • text him later I suggest. be lucky!!😇

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  • There's many articles and advices from guys saying that many guys just say "I'd like to see you again" to just be nice.
    It's been 24 hours since you texted him and you haven't heard from him.
    It means he's not interested. time to move on.
    If he was into you, he wouldn't have made you wait for his reply for 24 hours.