What do his texts reveal? Does he like me or not?

I met this guy on Tinder who was in town for vacation. We met up for ice cream about 30 minutes before he had to go to the airport. He kissed me goodbye. Immediately after the date he texted:
"was a pleasure. If we cross paths again, imessage me *insert phone number*. Hate to leave in a rush with only a peck, but you've got Ben and Jerry's to remember me by ;) haha.

Then I told him how much fun I had and to have a safe flight. He said "Thank ya thank ya, enjoy paradise ✌🏼️"

What does it mean? Did he enjoy the date or not? Does he like me?


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  • yes he did enjoy the date but he is moving on because he lives far away. it sounds like it was a goodbye message. now if you want to pursue it then just tell him if he wants a long distance relationship. make it clear or else he will move on

    • well this is what I sent him "Only 12pm and you already made my day. Thank you, was fun meeting you. ☺️" Then I said something about wishing I could hear more of his jokes, which had a sexual reference. Was that enough? He hasn't replied yet.

    • if he doesn't reply in the next 24 hours it's because he was never interested and he just wanted to have sex on his vacation

    • okay, thank you for your help! :)

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  • Of course he likes you he gave you his phone number.
    Just text him and see how it goes. He definitely enjoyed the time with you.


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  • He so clearly likes you. He said he enjoyed his time and even gave you his phone number. What could have possibly given you the impression that he doesn't?

    • the "ya" and the"ok" emoji. I guess that he didn't send any flirty emojis back and ya feels like a friend zone as opposed to "you"

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    • Maybe wait a little while and see what happens. He did say "If we cross paths again, imessage me." He might still like you but in more of a hook up way than a dating way. Let him make the first move

    • Thank you so much! :) I will

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