Why do Guys Hate Me :( ?

Why does every guy lie to me LOL. They paint themselves out to be a perfect guy, so I can get emotionally attached to them, and then somehow, I found out who they really are.

Today I found out that a guy I was dating actually fucked three girls behind my back. I'm so done.
What am I doing wrong :(

I know I have to look for the 'right' guys, but I don't even know how to find them anymore :(

(btw not tryna sound ignorant, ofc there are women who are like that too).


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  • You should never trust a guy who lies to you and they are certainly not the right kind of guys you want to be with. It's not your fault, you are not doing anything wrong.

    The guys who lie to you they are the ones who are wrong, they are the ones who have the problem within them.

    I mean I know for sure that women don't appreciate lies, they dislike men who lie to them. Hence I can understand how it would be for you right now.


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  • because you get emotionally attached too easilly

    stop giving a fuck about these guys

    until a guy shows you that he is a good guy and can be depended on then dont fuck with him

    you have to be hard to get for most guys, and only become attached to a guy once you find out that he is head over heels for you

    like get you a guy who will do anything for you. for example, you can do little tests. *go through a hardship/mild emergency and see if he can pull through for you* Say your car has broken down and will be in the shop for a week and you have no way to get to work/school. What does this guy do? Does he help you out and let you use his car, give you rides; or does he say "damn that sucks"? Say you have an unexpected bill that's in his budget $50-200. Dont ask him for the money out right but express that you're stressed out. Does he try to help you or does he act like its not his problem?

    A real man who genuinely likes you will try to help you and provide for you. that's why so many guys complain about "good guys always getting used" thats because good guys are getting the wrong women who see this intrinsic quality in them and take advantage of it. However if you are a good girl then you DESERVE A GOOD GUY. So hold out until you have him! Sadly in todays society, MOST guys are fuckboys trying to get laid by as many women as they can! So it's up to you to have your guard up and not let him in until you can see that he is one of the rare good men! THEN you can treat him right and become attached to him!

    So don't trust a guy until you see his character. He should be willing to help you out in some way. even if he is broke and can't financially help you he can still do an act of service for you to help you out. He won't mind paying for dates and working to make you smile. **If he does not do any of the above then he is a liar, a scammer and a real messy bitch just trying to waste your time


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  • https://www.thatonerule.com/rules/1722.png

    I feel like a basic white girl for posting this

  • You're just attracted to players. They don't hate you, in actual fact they don't care enough to hate. You know the ladies man who is smooth asf that you like? Well he got there by practicing with many different women, trust me on that one.

    You're not really doing anything wrong, you either date the socially awkward shy types or you keep trying your luck with the attractive outgoing types until you find the one decent one.

    • so guys who are normally confident etc are players too?
      I thought I knew how to spot a player but it seems like its everyone now.

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    • Yeah shy guys can do it too, its obviously mainly the cassanovas.

      Prettybrown has actually given a decent answer too. Probably best to go in a little guarded and not fall so hard and fast for guys.

    • yup i agree

  • *shrug* I dunno, is that you in the picture or not?

    Anyway I wouldn't say that they hate you, at the end of the day Chad's gonna Chad



  • Well some men protect themselves for being cheated,
    in case of yours perhaps he had been hurted in the past by another girl,
    and now he is just attemping to be ready if you do something wrong.
    In order to feel happy and not lost, but the real men doesn't cheat behind back of their girlfriends. Same thing is applied to an women.

    If you don't like the relationship with the person and want to try somebody else, better tell it to your partner than doing things behind his back.

  • Your only flaw is the guys you pick
    I'm sure your a lovely person and you just need new faces and places

  • Anyone who pretends to be perfect, should be setting your alarms ringing - not convincing you they are perfect.


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