Would you make plans to go out with a girl if you're not interested in her?

A guy I like who has shown interest in me suggested we go out a couple of days ago. I agreed. Then a few days later, he didn't initiate a new conversation until I sent him a text three days later. I asked him if he still wanted to go out and he said "yes!!! sorry i've been busy". He usually doesn't text a lot and takes long to respond, but I always wonder, why? Could he not be interested in me even though he made plans to go out? What could be happening here?

I'm asking because he's taking too long to respond again, which is worrying me.


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  • I don't see why not i can plan stuff with a good female friend.

    • It's more of a date.

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    • So do you think he could still be interested even if he takes days to respond in between messages?

    • Yes of course don't nake early assumptions.

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  • He might be interested in you, but that doesn't mean he is not currently dating other chicks as well.

    • He usually takes on average 3 days to initiate a new convo. It's been 5 days now... Do you think there's a chance I'll hear back from him at this point? I just don't know why he would initiate plans if he wasn't interested in me...