boyfriend is distant after finding out about his herpes, what do I do? POSITIVE HELPFUL RESPONSES ONLY PLZ?

We've been together for almost 2 years and he's just having his first symptoms. I'm awaiting results.

During our our first stage of dating he was seeing another girl whom he didn't use condoms with as well as me. We're unsure who gave it to whom as I've never had symptoms and this is the first its happened/ occurred. We're both shocked and scared. Please anyone with helpful advice help.


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  • If it turns out that you for sure have herpes I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s easy, because its not. There is a horrible stigma out there that originated from a gross scare tactic by early drug companies and is now rampant in society.

    Taking some time to educate yourself and making an informed decision before you pursued a relationship. Only a small percentage of people accept the chance of contracting herpes. Most singles with herpes choose date other people in the same boat at [herpes dating sites](https://www. topherpesdatingsites. com).

    • I've got my results and they came back negative. I'm choosing to stay because I think he's a great person and the research I did shows that it's not a big deal and How common it actually is.

      Don't suppose you know the answer to this - we had sex while he was on an OB but used a condom... Is that a high chance that I'll get it now? Or any info on this would be great, I couldn't find much in that sense

    • And thankyou for your response, I appreciate it greatly

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  • Stay with each other forever please and be safe. Bc it can be worse and herpes never go away so you can't be irresponsible and spread it to other people just bc you don't know how to use a condom. The only advice i have is do not spread that shit. There's medication for it but just so the symptoms don't show. It can be spread through kissing and any sexual activity.