Would you think playing it safe be good?

Hello. I say I am a simple guy. I a do everything right guy. Heck I don't ever have conflict but yet don't be a doormat. I am always welcome by my crushes appreance, and get everything right. I have a will of my own. Yet I will admit I am wrong. I have always done everything so perfectly one time I went one of my crushes family, that couldn't name anything wrong and fully respect their daughter so much I actually clean their dishes after dinner ( it was 6 people me included), and only be attracted to her personality ( sexually and physically seem bad). I never had a girlfriend but I did spend time with some crushes. I am never buggy or clingy. 2 text a week, and a call per 2 weeks. Never ever I had conflict, and did everything I was supposed to. My way of doing is my feeling don't matter in order to achieve peace and not being a doormat. The only problem my crushes had a) I apologize for my feelings, b) saying it's OK to have difference, and c) it's OK to have sexually/physical attraction. Just give your opinion of me.


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  • Allow the Master to Take over.
    Everything you Seem to be doing is Perfect here, dear. However, by Telling her though "It's OK to have sexually/physically attraction," I Believe I would have Approached the Subject in A... Different Way.
    Let me know what She Said after That went to her Head.
    Good luck. xx

  • I have no idea what you are asking?

    • Well it's about is it OK to be a do everything perfect guy.

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    • Well I wanna be faithful, respectful, and no conflicts

    • ok well you can still be all of those...

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