Are there outcast girls out there for this outcast guy?

I'm someone who never had much of a family or role models. Was shy, awkward, bullied as a kid. I have some friends now, but not a lot. I'm really lonely. I had a brief long-distance relationship last year but that's really it.

Having a relationship and being a good boyfriend means a lot to me, but I find that most women can't relate to my situation and experiences. And I often wonder whether women would ever want someone like me.


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  • Don't worry, you'll find the right girl for you eventually. You're still young so you have plenty of time before you need to start worrying. For now, you should just focus on your career and doing as much as you can that you probably couldn't do if you had a girlfriend (like travelling). Everything will fall into place then, I'm sure.


What Guys Said 2

  • They exist but the truth is women are more social than men, even when they've had a rough past so so there will be more outcast men than outcast women. I suggest finding someone you like for other reasons and understands your situation partially, but not completely.

  • There isn't really such a thing as an outcast girl. All girls are accepted and valued by society simply for being female.

    Either you have to stop being an outcast (which I appreciate might not be a possibility depending on your own personal circumstances), or its unlikely you'll find anyone. At least if you managed to have a long distance relationship you probably aren't hideous, so you should have a chance.

    • I'm actually somewhat handsome. I'm tall. Big shoulders. I have good features. I'm just overweight, socially awkward and live with my parents.

    • That's great then. Try to lose the extra weight (I'm sure you know that much already), use an easy way to meet women like online dating (just message loads of girls, and then meet the ones who seem interested, doesn't matter if your messages are a bit boring, if you're good looking this will work) and don't mention your social awkwardness (fake it until you make it, girls are dumb) or your living situation (girls won't care once they like you, just don't make it the first thing they know about you).