He backed off?

I met this guy, we hung out a few times, talked every day then when I finally got the guts to tell him I liked him he said he didn't know me well enough to tell and he needs time, but he stopped talking to me. Why?


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  • Actually men can make that decision that quickly, problem is, you are dating men still with raging hormones and too young to think about a stable relationship.

    think on this, men your age are itching for freedom from parents basement, why would they willingly choose one form "bondage" (for lack of a better word) for another?

    FYI, many doctors agree that men and women don't fully mentally mature till age 24. (this is when puberty technically end.) be glad the legal drinking age is 21 for most states


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  • exact same thing happened to me before. I think guys don't make decisions about love as quickly as girls do and being being so honest so quickly before he'd made up his mind you freaked him out.