I saw this and man the comments were bitter hatred agree?

The title was generalized but let's be honest most girls are not like this agree watch the video and let me know.


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  • LOL "I don't wanna get raped tonight." So dramatic.

    This reminds me of a social experiment some guys did with random girls on a street. He pulled up in a really nice awesome car, and was enticing some girls to come ride with him. Well, it worked. So, he stopped the experiment and asked the girls why would they get in a stranger's car they don't even know, and that anything can happen to them. Some of these girls were walking home from parties or just walking through the night.

    Now, yes, the video was super dramatic, and almost unrealistic. But, It's no lie that there are many women who are tugged by materialistic things. If a guy has a nice car, money, and looks sharp ( like in the video) Women become incredibly stupid, absent-minded and will fall for it. One of the most hateful things I have about women is that we are easily fooled, especially teenage girls.


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  • LOL. I don't know most guys are shit out of luck if they come at me like #2..

    "Appletini for the lady" > "UHHH CAN YOU MAKE THAT VIRGIN PLEASE?"
    "I'm surprised you aren't wearing your new red dress tonight" > "excuse me?"
    "At least you did in the dressing room" > ... *twitch* *twitch* "that's disgusting, and creepy, and you should leave. now."
    "No excuse because your period ended on Tuesday" > "WELL BITCH I GUESS IT'S STILL MONDAY"

    Though to be fair, just to judge from the way they're dressing, looks like #1 is looking real bummy in a place where most people dress up. So he's not going to get much anyways. Gotta dress for the occasion.

  • in my opinion the first guy was more attractive. and the girl wasn't even pretty lol. some girls are like that but I wouldn't say most, and some guys are shallow too. not to say all are.

    • Agree and if a girl is like it's her loss not yours move on and you'll find one who is nice and just someone you would chat with anyway tbh the 2nd gave a creepy vibe this is coming from a guy but he reminds of patrick batmen from American psycho lol

    • right, don't ever let one asshole ruin a whole gender for you.

  • Does creepy mean unattractive to the women in the USA?


  • That was hilarious.


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  • Most girls ARE like that.

    • maybe you just have bad luck with gals, friend.

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    • And ya self-doubt and bitterness won't do anything except make things worse remember we are our own worst critic we judge ourselves more than other people would i try to help other guy's out about this and trying to have a better mindset and change things you feel need to be changed to benefit you.

    • @chlodawg what is this long conversation of sexy, sex? Is it the story of the little girl and the little person?

  • I think most are like this because of feminism

  • vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest

    Too spot on!!! Spot on!!