Do I need to show more affection or is this normal for the beginning of a relationship?

I've been hanging out/dating a friend for about a month. We've slept together twice but both times we were a little drunk. Since then he's come over and we haven't drank anything and just laughed and talked and it's like we are both a bit shy and timid. We don't kiss and it isn't until the very end that we start getting touchy-feely. We've never kissed each other hello or goodbye. Is this normal or am I being weird? I'm kinda shy by the way. I'm just worried he's losing interest because he doesn't text me as much as he used to. But I know that's normal too. Thanks for the insights!


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  • Normal since you started as friends. Can be hard to cross over that friend/lover line. I think you both are naturally shy and need the alcohol to over come that shyness and therefore you are both at a bit of a stalemate when sober. Don't sweat it for now, once some more time goes by and you both become more confident and comfortable with each other, things will be fine!


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  • I do not consider it normal to be honest. I think he is just using you for sex.

    • He's really not that type of guy though. He's really sweet and he's a family friend

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