How can I win a girl over?

I have a girl in my life and i really like her. I known her for some time and we always have a blast together. She knows that I like her but I just can't seem to win her over. I've been trying everything. Is there anything else that I could do to try and win her over?


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  • You cannot "win" any one because people are not prizes.
    Either the person is interested in being with you or they are not.
    You can give them the entire world... but if they have no desire of making things work, it simply won't.
    I am sorry, but you may just have to move on.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You've already lost. She knows she has you. Where is the challenge? Give up your oneitis and move on.


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  • If she doesn't like you/ as in if she isn't into you, then I am afraid there is nothing you can do to win her over.


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  • She knows that you like her and nothing has happened. That's a big no no boyo. Make a bold move ASAP

    • I've asked her out but she said for me to give it some time. Should I try again? I don't want to sound desperate though.

    • Nope. You wait then.

    • It's been like 3 months. Have I waited to long or how do I know I have waited long enough?