Do I have a shot with her?

So I have been friends with a girl for almost 3 years now and they are the best thing that's happened to me. We have tons of things in common (aside from taste in music), always have deep conversations, and talk quite frequently. I have tried asking her out twice before but the timing was never right (and honestly the 2nd one was cringe worthy and hate thinking about it). I'm not going to post a picture of her cause that would be weird so I can't really compare physical appearance but we have similar life goals (hell we've even started our own little business at college) and she even admitted once that she was thinking about dating me (but that has never come back up again). I have tried moving on from her but I haven't really connected as well with anyone else since then and don't wanna just date for the hell of it. Do I stand a chance?


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  • Just grab her and kiss her to really find out


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  • You probably stand more of a chance than I did with my crush of 2+ years who basically friendzoned me.

    • Trust me I'm in the same boat with you haha

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    • That was a while ago though and I'm pretty sure she was slightly intoxicated when she said that. :/ Guess either way it must've been on her mind in some form in order to say that though.

    • Yes at least it was on her mind.