Is he putting me it the friend zone?

There's a guy I work with. We get along well. Yesterday at wotk we seen each other but we're busy so couldn't talk. I was walking out of a room and he was walking in.
He held out his fist so I would fist bump it. Its not normal for him to do that. But like I said we barely had time to say hi?


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  • Lack of details in this post but like you said, you guys have been really busy. You two passed each other when you were entering/exiting rooms and had no time to talk it seems but he still acknowledged you. He's probably comfortable with you. Guys usually fist bump other guys. Why don't you talk over text or something when you both have the time or meet-up after work? Maybe then you'll know if he just sees you as a friend

    • When I do message him or text him he takes long to respond. But he flirts with me and makes funny noses? Like character sounds well talking. So it's like mixed signals
      Also he is a lot older then me.

    • Well it sounds like you two have to get to know each other better because right now it looks like you're just friends and are comfortable with one another.

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  • He was just being friendly towards you. He probably wants to develop more closure with you.