Do you think it's plausible for a girl to be interested in a guy much shorter than he is?

I mean Peter Dinklage's wife is 13 inches taller than him. I find some of these 6'4 6'5 volleyball players to be SO hott, but I'm only 5'6. What do you think?

than she is. oops*


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  • Lmao it's possible but it's not that common. Usually those girls are interested in guys around their own height. My sister is 6'5" and has never showed interest in guys shorter than 5'11." Her fiance is taller than her 😂. I'm 6'2" and I was never interested in a guy shorter than me and I never will be 😭😭😭

    • Where are you from? How are you two so freaking tall?

      and why you racist against shorter people?

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  • I think you have to have balls of steel to ask a girl out on a date while looking up at her, but if you can manage to do this confidently enough times and don't get all insecure when you're with her (easy to do since you might get teased from time to time if you're walking hand-in-hand with a girl taller than you), we might see more guys with girls taller than them.

    I'm only 5'7 myself and tried jokingly asking a couple of tall girls out (over 6 feet tall). Since I couldn't put it seriously, they laughed and thought it was "cute" and actually became my friends. But one of them confessed when I got my girlfriend (who was slightly shorter) that she really liked me and thought I was so charming and told my girlfriend that she was so lucky. So maybe I had a chance there if I hadn't turned into a goofball trying to ask girls taller than me out.


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  • Those guys who have taller wives much taller are either rich or the girl likes him only cause she has no other options or they knew each other since in childhood.

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