Guys, Can I get your opinion on your type of girl?

I have this paranoia that the guy I really like wouldn't see me as his type. I don't feel like I'm pretty enough to get him (I'm not unattractive but I'm also no model either). Now I see some of the photos he likes on Instagram of these beautiful model type women. Should I see that as his type or completely different than a girl he'd date? How fine is the line between attracted to and someone dateable?


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  • Alright 1) stop stalking his Instagram likes. It's creepy 2) when we like a pic or talk with the dudes most of the time is complete my based off of who'd we like to fuck. Not who'd we'd like to be with. You can't judge a type through a pic, you can only judge looks.

    • I'm not stalking his likes, I go through the general likes of the people I follow. Of course I'm curious about what kind of things he likes so I usually look at the photo. It's not like I'm liking/commenting on every single thing he posts.

  • I used to think I had a type of girl, but now I don't. I'm either attracted to a girl or I'm not. It's not like I don't want to date you because you're not my 'type'.

    • So with that being said, if a girl you wouldn't have thought of dating asks you out would you say yes?

    • That is a really tough question, but if I didn't have feelings for her I wouldn't want to lead her on. I once asked a girl out to see a movie, i really liked her and she said yes. I was really happy about it. But it was a bust because she lead me on, she brought her friend along to make it less awkward for herself and she told me she sees me as a friend a few weeks later. I wouldn't want to do that to someone else.

    • Yeah that makes sense. I guess sometimes one date or two doesn't hurt just to see if maybe the two of you click, but more than that cause just be misleading to other person.