Your opinions please, is he interested or no?

My and this guy I met on Tinder yes I know tinder I can't take the app to seriously it's just for fun. But anyways we met on tinder and we have been talking for about a week he asked me out and we had a very friendly platonic date on Saturday (13/08/2016). When we met he picked me up in his car he shook my hand when we met and he was nice. He asked different I had a curfew I said no but it's lady like of me to be home at a reasonable time as I am meeating you for the first time. He said that's reapectable etc. Anyways we hit it off we talked through out the whole time we were together.

We had dinner and then watched a film he paid for everything and it was quite pricey. He drove me home and again just shook my hand and said will talk. We didn't speka the next day which was Sunday, he messaged me Monday the conversation ended abit awkwardly. Anyways Tuesday, Wednesday passed no message i messaged him today thuraday. We briefly talked through out the day he mentioned he hasaid a busy day today. I did kinda indicate to meet up again he said he'll be a good kind of busy I asked him what dose that in tale. He said just spending time with his family and nephew. I said oo okai that's nice and that's how the conversation ended.

His family is coming in from out of town and he is busy with them, which I underatand as well but he was able to communicate with me before and arrange a date so why can't he do it now? But I don't know if he interested in me?

I know once again I have over thought the situation just like any woman would, I feel like a modern version of Bridget Joans.

Any advice?


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  • Don't over think it right now.. It's very early days... you still getting to know him, I would just play it cool, iv never used Tinder but he could be meeting up with other people, sorry just from what iv heard. Don't worry though sounds like it was a great date and it's good that he wasn't too forward and respectable. I would play it cool and let him come to you if he texts you reply and keep it simple! DONT!! Chase after him you just met him playing a little hard to get is always good lol. Be confident in yourself and don't over think it it will mess things up iv learned from experience :(

  • He's not that into you.
    He liked you and wanted to see you again, he would have asked you out again or at least sent you text kept things going. And it's not like he's visiting his family out town.. And not like he's baby sitting them. He could make time he wanted to. Try to date other guys too don't think too much about him.
    And most guys pays first date it just them being nice gentlemen, not necessary mean they want to impress you or into you.