Guys, has this ever happened to you?

"I hope u remember me. I hope u see something that reminds me of you. And I hope u smile and remember the memories we created together. And I hope your throat tightens and it finally hits you. You never should have let me go."-But u did anyways.

My boyfriend broke up with me, because "he's not ready for a relationship". The next day he already posted a 100 snaps while he was abroad partying. Like he forgot about me. But when he came back home he unblocked me everywhere.
The thing is.. we really were perfect together.. We didn't date for long but still what we had was deep and real. And he ruinded it so he could party abroad with his friends...
Did anything like this happened to you? That you just forgot but then with time remembered how everything felt.. And regreted ending things?


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  • No, I have always been single. No, it never happened to me.

    You said he came home and unblocked you? right? When he did block you? Are you saying he broke up with you, blocked you and then went to party abroad?

    • I was abroad... I went to Croatia. He said he would come too with his friends and so we could spend more time together. But then he became distant and I noticed it so I asked him about it and he said he's not ready for a relationship at the moment. The next day he saw that I commented something on my pic about having some new guys... he liked the comment and then blocked me everywhere. The next day he posted a picture with a girl that he knows I hate. After that I texted him the picture, saying that its over between us for sure and that he has a nice life and that he never texts or calls me again. He just replied that he wishes me the same and that I shouldn't worry... that he won't. Then at 6 in the morning he unblocked me everywhere... followed me on insta and added me on snapchat. But today he unfollowed me again.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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